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Carry On

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i'd like to think that i don't care
just push away my problems like there's no one there
these days are long, to long to spend waiting
for storms over a tragic end
and this is how we'll meet embraced in misery
searching for love in all this hurt
it's the cold, cold world versus you and me
i write just to forget nothing's the same
you drink just to forget
because you can't deal with the pain
but you're not to blame, i know we're the same
i used to think solutions were clear
guided by a crowd that came and went with the years
those days are gone but i'm still holding on
trying to fight the world through a pen and a song
there was a time (and it's coming back)
where i'd look at someone like you
and know we're the same (because we are the same)
i'm through with the games...
this world is fucked, but i'm still looking up
i broke the rules and now i'm making amends
with what they said and what it meant...
what did it have to do with me anyway?
i'm through with your lies
i closed the door to another end...


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