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Broken Strings

Carry On

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did you used to believe?
well i was feeling the same way...
squeezing dreams out of a sound
they stick around, they go away
but none of you know a thing about me...
...just go away
"she's fucking dead, oh my god, she's fucking dead!!!"
my love stopped her breathing
now i'm chucking rocks at the glass
because my love stopped breathing life into me
and the songs that she sings
are as dead as nails on the shelf
what happened to the times
where we'd stay up all night and fight
(life there was something worth fighting for)
those were the days dear, forgive me for holding on
i was thinking about the times when no one cared
and how you hated everything i loved
well i don't give a fuck about any of you
you'll come and go
but you'll never mean a thing to her...
i loved the way she sang in my headphones


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