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A Life Less Plagued

Carry On

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When will i rise from this toss turn sleep
With nothing holding me down into this bed
Bring the dirt and make it my grave
Won't you do it please?
Everything is shit, i owe, i lag, i try, i fail, i hate
The pseudo love the world brings on pretty wings
(it sunk my dreams at sixteen)
I can't laugh, love, breath, feel, or fuck
Without knowing my life is sinking fast
And i don't swim
I dream under a sky that i can see crashing down
While i wish on a star that lies
I'm transfixed on a better time
Drawing out the end
I'm crying for a life less plagued
Pure and defined, why can't you give it to me?
I want to hold your head close to mine
And whisper words so far from true
"...everything will be fine"
(mixing your tears with mine)
We can shake it off kid, "i'll try harder
And i'll make sure we still see europe
By the summer time."
Damn you look so sad when i lie
Take my hand, we'll walk this romance
Until it's bitter end
Humming songs in the key of faith in me
Just leave me, because the word on the street
Is that i'm fucked, i'm losing my mind
It's just a matter of time

Just give me a sign
And i'll make it out of here alive
I'll keep feeding ink to paper
And i still won't find a answer
I'm asking, i'm trying, i'm needing...
...but still no answer
We must be speaking a different language
"hey, who's team are you sleeping for?"
Somewhere in hell there's a person like me
With stitch filled skin, and chipped teeth
Here's to eyes that are brighter than mine
And here's to regrets and wasted time
"i need a flashlight..." because i'm obviously blind
Kiss me good-bye, i'm signing off

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