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My lucky star must have been working hard
Time for my tables to turn
Here comes nurse-face Mrs. Hoffmann, she really looks a tough one
Told me go get a life, cut that fantasy jive

She got me dying with laughter
Spilled the wine right into my lap
Higher and higher I could have stayed up there
For the rest of my life with you

I got lost in a wild romance
Ten -thousand feet off the ground I took my chance
Tempted by a face and a little-girl-smile
And her name rang Florence
I was lost in a cosmic trance
way up in the clouds even I could dance
the plane was shaking while pictures were taken
and her lips kissed her into my life
Florence - ma chèr Florence

The pilot decided to end this scam
Incredulous looks in their seats
When the plane touched down there was a general frown
Are we all insane or would you do the same?

I got lost in a wild romance......
Florence, ma chère Florence

In surely desperate times, you've got me flying
And you sure as hell
got me laughing at the ongoing joke of the world
Some times it's short and sometimes it grows long
It's a natural fact either right or wrong
Extremely situated, somehow blood-related
Just a beautiful day with you

I was lost in a wild romance...
Florence, ma chère Florence

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