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God's gift to man

Carlton Carl

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Well he met her in the navy, he was the hit of the class
She was a cute lil thing, he liked the way she shook her glass
And they ran out of Texas and he bought some land, yeah
And they settled in a mobile-home out by the Taco-stand
He was doin' things he didn't understand,
there was no way to explain she was
God's gift to man

Well he got a promotion and he got themselves a colored TV
Had the cable put in and they watched a round of "Jeopardy"
And they sat out in the evening and they watched the sun go down
And everything was good, they were livin' on the outside of town
They were traveling by and they didn't understand she was
God's gift to man

Yeah baby, tell me don't it feel good
That you know that We're livin' just like a young boy should ....yeah, yeah, yeah....

She went out to Houston where she was living in sin
Well he begged her on his belly but nobody moved in
She wound up in El Paso on the streets again
It was hard to take it but sometimes you just can't win
He was after lil lady that he didn't understand
and he couldn't understand that she was
God's gift to man

Well, I've seen her on TV just a couple of nights ago
She was was doin' a commercial, smilin'for some Aloe-soap
But I knew inside her heart was black as coal
There's no way to replace the amount of lovin' that lil girl stole
Yeah then she got it coming but she won't understand that she was
God's gift to man
Well I've been doin' things that I don't understand, but she was
God's gift to man

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