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La Senorita

Captain Tractor

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Sitting in the corner with a coffee cup
Reading the newspaper, not looking up
She smiles as she finds something funny there,
The sunlight shining in her hair

When she leaves you want to follow her anywhere
Her dress is too tight but you can't let her see you stare

And she's a hot one, a jalepena
Ooh la Senorita
You'll never get close enough
To la Senorita

Hora, sa fuega

You know she has a mind, she has an attitude
And she likes her space and her solitude
She'll tease you or please you, if she's feeling good
Or burn you like you knew she would

When she smiles It's like the sun shining on your face
Pulling and stretching her leather and lace

And she's a hot one, a jalepena
Ooh la Senorita
In Baja, California
Ooh la Senorita
Ooh la Senorita


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