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This Time Tomorrow

Captain Tractor

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It's been a while since we met here beside this dirty harbour
We used to listen to the radio and stare out at the sea
I know you don't recall that song we heard
But i haven't forgotten a single word
It's nothing to you it was everything to me
I'm weary of this tired town and wary of its vices
And we were finished years ago, i'm sure that you'd agree
"don't know you anymore," is all you say
"and you're back out on the road tomorrow anyway."
Did you rehearse how you would say how you'd been missing me?


Not bound to this desolate place
This time tomorrow i'll be gone
1400 miles and moving
Leave these troubled streets behind
Forget the look on your desolate face
This time tomorrow i'll be no one
Nothing but a ghost of something fading in the dust
Of all you have and all you know and all you see
All you'll have is this memory of me
I've nothing left to leave with you -
Just leave you with your silence
But i would give a fortune to know
What's churning in your head
Because the sentiment of your silent smile
Has silently been killing me all the while
What i would give to get inside your skull
Sort through all the things you haven't said


It's what you haven't said
And what you haven't done
And all the things you haven't mentioned


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