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Token Chokin'


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Token Chokin', heavy on the jokin'
Your best friends don't care
Run up, throw up, hope your brain will blow up
Notice tha tyou're losin' hair

I look and you through me
And see, I don't know you

Bruisin', cruisin', leavin' yesterday alone
You just find it, find it fair enough that you could know
Never look except to score the sructure of your empty home

And I look at you through me
And baby you've been gone
Aw, honey, you've been gone
Aw, baby, you've been gone
And baby, you've been gone

Sayin' things and hearin' words, you never tie it in
With some destroyer and the turds you falsely state your friends
You're independent, on your own, in groups of ten or eight
I've heard you say so many times: I know, man, you feel great

Well I don't know or care if you still remember
In your youth you used to stay so calm and I'd just start to like the truth
Well it's dog-eat-dog and stadin' on the surface floats the drool
And fast times turn to light times only tryin' to be cool

So I look at you, through me
And baby, I know you
Baby, I know you
Aw, honey, I know you
Aw, baby, I know you

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