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Goin' to Alaska
Where the water runs clear as glass
The home of the penguin,
The walrus and Aurora Borealas--oh yes
See my baby's heart is frozen
She just don't treat me nice
I'm gonna search out Santa Clause and ask his advice
When I get up to Alaska maybe someone there'll treat me right

I will build me an igloo live alone in my dome of blues
Buy me a low-mileage dogsled and some alligator snow shoes
I hear six months a year you get night time all day
I had to practice my harp to keep the polar bears away
Way up in alaska where the whales and the eskimos play

(guitar solo)

If she treated me better man I'd be warm right now
But my soul's condemned to shivers 'cause she thinks I'm running around
So I sit here cryin' tears they freeze on my face
If it gets any colder I'll be frozen in place
In rock hard Alaska you'll gonna be my home

Way up here to alaska y'know the ground here is solid ice
Way up here to alaska y'know the ground here is solid ice
Had to leave my woman 'cause her heart is so cold
When I get back from the north pole I will defrost her soul
Way up in alaska maybe some day I'll treat me right

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