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Guiltless Glider


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Guiltless Glider, freedom fighter
More than had in love's tracks
You want something?
You need something
Well I have something
And you can share with me

It's in your memory, close your eyes and let the pulse flow
Don't you close them so quickly as you learn to be on something
All the good thoughts weren't so easy
Let me say that I will love you 'till I die

Oh, 'till I die
'Till I die

The sky is my father, ocean my mother
The trees are my sister, forrest my brother


I can't get over the feeling of love
I'll never get over the feeling of your love
It's got a hold on me
A firm and steady hold on me
And I will love you 'till I die
I will love you 'till I die
I will love you 'till I die

Guiltless Glider
Guiltless Glider

You want something
You need something

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