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Big Mama Boogie - Parts I & II


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Yeah I like to rock and I like to roll
Most of all darlin' I like to ball
Boogie feels good and good in my heart
Makes me so good I don't think I 'll stop
When I get to feelin good I shake my thing
I get to fellin' good forget about everything
I just get a boogie deep down in my soul
I'm not afraid to react not afraid to let go

I-m from Detroit where the boogie was born
I been boogie'n since '51
Taught to me by a fellow named John
Corner of brush in '51
say boogie baby
don't be afraid,
get a li'l closer,
you know what I mean

yes I keep a woman because she has my child
I keep a girl, she's got my child,
Some of the things she does just make my mind go wild
I tell her back off, sometimes she don't hear
I tell her get back baby, sometimes she won't hear
Then she gets a li'l push, I make my position clear
Look out baby

I'm like a train conductor, baby,
When it comes to my life,
I'm like an airplane pilot darlin'
When it comes to my life,
I kick you off my flight if you keep
On givin'me jive

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