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Her Song


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When the day is done and I´m without her
I feel like a cloud across the sun
´Cuz she`s all I have

I feel it in my blood
That maybe I´m holding on to a never ending road

Oohhh I`ll never know
If I´ll be looking back when I grow old
And feel like I do now

She`s the only one
I need her in my life
Anything else seems so wrong
I have her in my heart
And I will always love her ´till the end of time
She´s the only one
I hold her in my dreams
Everytime I close my eyes
I feel her in my arms
I feel her in my heart
This is her song

Everytime I´m down and lonely
It feels like praying without believing
When she`s not by my side

´Cuz now I know how much she means to me
But I can´t change the way she feels
Without her in my life


She`s the only one……….

I´m looking for
A way to let her know
I´m searching for
A way to touch her heart

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