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My Bleeding Scars


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Run baby, run
Im right after you
I know you couldnt believe your own eyes now
Everything I did just for you
It only made you love more your own gun
And everything I didnt
It made me cut much deeper my bleeding scars

And made me crawl into the blindness
Where everything is for your eyes only
Now all I think is..

I waited for this all my life
In my mind searching for the truth through the lies
Crossed the line
Now its time to say good-bye
Never mind, I wont waste more of your time
So bye-bye

I cant help it
Im flying too high
This feeling is getting stronger
Im here all alone
Wanted so hard to catch you
Before you take your final step to fall
And I truly loved you
But now I cannot see you anymore
You ll always be my only one..


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