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Endless Morning


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These tears they are running down my face
You ll have to be so far away from me, my love
It wasnt easy to explain myself
You left me standing in the rain, crying
With the last morning dawn
I ll kiss the rising sun to carry on, again
I know I ll have to be so strong
Betrayal that you did to me wont fade away

Dont want to wake on this endless morning
Dont want to close my eyes for nothing
God how I hate this endless morning
I know it never stops

These tears still running down my face
I ll have to be so far away from you, my love
I ll keep on whispering your name
Its slowly dying on my lips like you, darling
Why was it so hard for us
To live our lives without the fear of pain, in hearts
I ll leave with the drizzling rain
To follow your footsteps in the dank ground


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