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Those Who Sought The Dawn


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Vengeance panic, dept owed depts paid
Stars fall, bone break wood shield splinter
Star gaze tempest, hearts break, with time
Vengeance panic, dept owed depts paid

Flames of the council reaching out towards us
Light danced along as methods were discussed
Like lovers pouring over secrets long with held
We make know our intention

I descend from a long line of kings
I am the iron used to forged great lands

Trees sing us songs recourcing old tales
We must recall to help our journey on
The breaking of spears, shields and hearts
Time itself is our greatest enemy

Liar are beholder to this display
A showing of true courage
As the seekers take the test
Moving out into the nigh tout of sight
Blooding farewell they've seen they're sunrise

Light have flickering with my eyes
At the thought of going home
A long forlorn return
That's drifting away with the rain

Don't wait for a dawn that will never come
I will stay, swords withdrawn
Embracing the night forsaken the dawn
Doing what is right

Please run
Run my friends, my countrymen

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