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Sworn to defend and protect the realm
Dreams have shown me a different path
We command our destiny
The time to rule has com to pass

Wash the field in the fire of gods
The well of wounds pours endlessly
Courage bestowed on us this day
Given to man by the world tree

It's taken too long to turn back now
We found them ready on the battleground
Over the walls, hold your vows
Shown them your steel cut'em down

Waves are ready to take us home
For oaths we break we must atone
We must shown the gods what we learned
Cleansing fire must be left to burn

I clad the earth in cloak of blood
I paid no heed that my warlike deeds
Might one day be repaid
I am the oathbreaker, and I am king

What do you see now father?
I have reworked the stars
And written a new fate
I am the oathbreaker, and I am king
I beseech the gods, I dare not say
That I never was afraid

The tomes of time will echo with the rhymes
Of eternal conquest
Forget the fallen for this day, for always
The oathbreaker reigns

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