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On a misty morning, when the cloud breaks through the clouds
Dewdrops are falling softly on the ground
Everybody's sleeping while the birds are singing in a tree
Suddenly a child starts weeping and the village awakes

Chaos arrives, we sharpen our knives, take care of our wives, and
Singing whohoho. Preparing for battle, the worst in our lives, get
The shield of metal it will save your live
(live) or dead that's what we fight for we will survive and singing whohoho
When we return, from the battle we will celebrate our victory

But first we will feast, we eat and we drink we will get drunk
And screwing our wives. But brotherly we are singing, we're screaming
And dancing, raging until deep in the night. Jugs full of beer,
Jugs full of whine, we will misbehave and act like a swine. When we are
Drunk we fuck our wives, as it might be the last time in this live


Wardance is here, we will drink beer, we will drink wine and fuck our wives. Around the fire we'll show our knives, our swords our shields…
We will arise!

We are on our way … to the battlefield
Blood will flow, this is our … victory

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