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You are lost in a labyrinth of dream, marbled with battles and blood
Searching the Dreamhealer
You don't know if it's really a dream, images all seem so real
Where is my dreamhealer

The magic key, is what I'm looking for
I found it in the Dreamhealer
Healing your dreams, of battles and blood
The Dreamhealer is my savior

Thunder, steel, sword, warriors in war -fighting as killing machines
Where is the Dreamhealer
Remedy is hear, living in fear, unheard darkness is here
Where is the magic key

Thunder, darkness, healing, going insane
Fighting, battles, searching the Dreamhealer

Burning flame in the wind, but it will disappear
Magic key where are you now
The wind takes my soul away, the moment's getting nearer
My savior comes to heal.

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