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Babylon's Burning

Babylon Bombs

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I know it's been a while, but I'm back again
Yeah, it's hurting time so throw the stone
'Cause you got nothing on me

Blood on my hands, I've been digging deep
But I found my way back up
Yeah, we carry the cross, the true believers
You will never break us down

Babylon's burning
Licking the flame
Babylon's burning
Feeling no shame
Babylon's burning
My soul's on fire, burning hot
Babylon's Burning
Kicking the dust
Babylon's burning
Peel off the rust
Babylon's burning
We bring the goods
Like you know we would

So let's hear what you have to say
And all the lies you want to tell
Yeah, It's like you are pissing in the wind
'Cause you got nothing on me

Rolling on down the decadence drive
Live prom day to day
Yeah, you can follow the trail
But you'll never catch up
If you get the taste there's no turning back

Oh, it feels so right
Hit the stage into the light
Non-believers and deceivers
A dirty sin black as the night

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