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The Tale Of Vasa

B Stone

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A massive fortress of cannon, wood and sails
A power to be reckoned with, must have been a pompous sight
Soon the maiden voyage would reveal its hidden truth
Bring the glory to an end, in the depths of the sea

Sail with the sun, with the face in the wind as we leaving the shoreline
Glory and pride, like a fortress on the sea with the swedish flag held high

The mission was clear, three hundred men aboard
Away from the docks, for the journey of times
No doubts or questions, no fear in their hearts
Now the ride has begun, and they’re ready for war

No one knew the tragedy that would come for the ship only minutes ahead
No good stability, all testing was failed, at the port
Like a time bomb it was doomed from the start, the ultimate countdown has begun…
And it’s heading for the end

Too much guns, a stern way too high
A miscalculation of the highest degree
Setting sail with way too much pride
The wind would become vasas achilles heel

Later on as they ploughed through the waves
Disaster awaited and nobody knew
No much more than a breeze in the wind
Now suddenly capsizing, what a shame!

Thousands of people were crowded around
Oh, they can’t believe the sight of this sinking wreck
Down it goes like a stone to the ground
Never to be seen again, for hundreds of years

Buried deep in the waters, claiming the crews souls
Down like a coffin of wood and sail
Vasa, total disaster, treasured forever
Back in the docks where it once belonged for us to see

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