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Curse Of The Ghostship

B Stone

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Gone for weeks without a sign of land no matter where we turn
Like a blind old man who walks at random to his grave alone, hope is burned

I stayed up that cursed night
When far away green mist appeared
As I woke the others to tell the sight
Their heads turned back in fear

It is true, we are doomed

Curse of the ghost ship, damned to eternal
Roaming in circles under a bleak sky
Souls of the ocean, crying to find home
Sailing in madness, lost for a thousand moons

Closing in with lowered flag
A jolly welcome by the crew
They tell us not to be afraid
Just join the party, drink a few
As we fell around the deck in pain
A ghastly laughter by the host
“Now you must live on so we can die!”
Now we are cursed for all eternity

Oh we’re cursed, forever

Lost forever on our journey, endless years pass by for us
The captain roars like mad again to get us home for one last time
Nothing seems to end our lives, no reaper with a scythe of death
Then a fellow ship shows up afar, remember how we got her first?

Now we’ll die, at last!
Oh we’re lost!!

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