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Economy Of Words (Bail It Out)

B. Dolan

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This is my account of my account.
I've become withdrawn,
I've borrowed a large amount.
I'm hanging in the balance,
feeling like a toxic asset.
Everything I make I give to God and Taxes.
Bail me out.
My fingers strain
to make the symbols of my name
as they were trained
on dotted lines and touch screens
I relate to worthless real estate
Jamming up the circuit
Break the back of plastic currency
Digits slip from my fingertips and
Go on a murdering spree...
I can't afford to be sick.
I'm cashing checks against the national debt
I can't afford to live,
Fraudulent slips of paper whisper tales about the missing reserves
Smug assurances circulate
Smudging ink on my shirt...
It's all on my hands
Something must be coming off on me
It feels like a brand
I'm not solvent
Deep sea diving for the sunken dollar
Out of options, Out of air
Get your hands out of my pocket
I'm heart-sick with the Fear
Locked into the deal with little interest
Paying down the principle
Ripping lottery tickets.
So bail me out. (We've sprung a leak baby, we've sprung a leak!)
Bail me out. (We're going down sucka, we're going down!)
When the profit margin drops to the factory floor
the Employees of the Year
won't work no more.
The gold standard's abandoned,
They circulate disease
My father used to ask me if I thought it grew on trees.
On top of the world with a worm in my gut,
and a blow out sale on inflated objects
Everything I do is done to make a profit
Everyone I love is a potential hostage
Owed to the factory
Sold to the market
bred for the auction, bred for the army
Full set of teeth and a workhorse body
No money down, Own it for less
Run like a dream, Run in the red
Bulging vein in a straining neck;
The second you're dead everyone gets a cut
Keep treading that water
Hold your head up but
Living conditions deteriorate daily
It could be worse in defense of slavery
Take it from me, rates increase
We went from late fees to 'fuck you, pay me'
Say what they mean when you're upside down
But a brick through the window of your house like
"Bail me out!"
So bail me out. (We've sprung a leak baby, we've sprung a leak!)
Bail me out. (We're going down sucka, we're going down!)

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