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Fifty Ways To Bleed Your Customer

B. Dolan

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Feed 'em all their meds til they forget what the drugs cost
People never question what you're selling them guns for
Beat em in the head with the message, with the blunt force
Lead em to the edge, tell 'em this is the JUMP OFF
The run off you dump off in skulls that are soft
Let em suck on your exhaust til the fuckin sun's gone, BABY!
Make em bleed from it while they dream of it
Make em yearn to get it while they're burning in it.
Treat the side effects and
Supply the next disorder
Poison the well, bottle the water
When all else fails, start a war up
Sell him what he needs to knock it down and reconstruct
Feed her junk she eats it up
Pumped full of refined additives
Sell em tummy tucks and a plus sized caskets
If it ain't dead,
How do you know it's empty?
Bleed your customer get yourself free.
Bleed your customer get yourself free. (x4)
You sell Brand-X seat-belts
Planned obsolescence
Clinical trial cover-ups, Never crash tested
Offshore accounts for when you bounce with a pension
Keep a gun in their mouth; treat em for bouts of depression
Tell him to buy a pet, Help him to buy a house
Chain him to a fence and get your pound of flesh out
Sell nicotine, caffeine, energy drinks
They'll work til they forget to breathe dream or think
Or worship celebrity selling the ego trip
Or buy up a bunch of product from the Jesus pimps
You carry pills and prayer beads,
Razor blades and used condoms
Rap cds, magazines
and novelty items.
Cause if it ain't dead,
How do you know it's empty?
Bleed your customer get yourself free. (x2)
I get bloody. (x4)
Believe the hype!
There's a killing to be made in the mind
You'll either be a slave to the grind or a blade in the backside
Days don't rewind; it's a matter of time
I suggest you view death as a ladder to climb
I'm getting mine until it's gone then I'm coming for yours
Strip mine the reservoir because I'm hungry for more
Privatize resource by the pen or the sword
Respect the jungle law, terrorism or war
Make sure you've got a seat when the ships lift off
Stop me if you heard this before
Gotta pimp this off
Handle the pack animals, conditioned and taught
Hunt gather and hoard
Get the deeds to the seeds
And security force
Get a seat on the board, and keep the keys to the vault
if the kids got a problem they can put up a peace sign
let em call you anything but late for a mealtime
Viruses multiply; rust never sleeps
You're either getting eaten or you eat
Baby stay on your feet
Gotta bleed your customer to get yourself free;
Bleed your customer get yourself free.
I'm a..I'm a bloodsucker,
You a... You a customer.
I get bloody.

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