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Alea Jacta Est

Your Reign Ends Here

Alea Jacta Est

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you can kick my ass
spit on our scene
beat down our heads
and shit on our music

you can insult us
think we are fools
hate all of us
and call us Suckers
but you will never DIVIDE US
and you will never STOP US

you think you're stronger than everybody
you want to be the only one in this place
hating others
ruling everything
thinking you are the best

i think you're afraid of us
each day our family is growing
tomorrow with our friends We'll stand here and fight for what we believe in!


only a little time left before your friends change sides
and you will be all alone in your own stupid war
your fucking reign ends here

But we're not here to conquer
we're not invaders
we just want to live our lives our own way

your fucking reign fucking ends here

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