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Alea Jacta Est

Change Yourself First

Alea Jacta Est

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You striked first, Your hate has been spread,
By spitting on me, you're spitting on yourself
Listening to your words I feel real hate
I feel real hate

I lent you my hand
You received me with clenched fists
And with all this shit covering your eyes

With all this shit
Covering your eyes

Your words come to me, COME TO ME!
But not from your own mouth, YOUR OWN MOUTH!

Change yourself first
If you want things changed,
Think about yourself first
If you have anything to say

Change yourself first

See the truth for yourself
You're falling
With all you live with
If only you had listened to me
Maybe now you would understand me

Where is your empire?
The one you say you built
I see nothing arround you
Except the shit you have done

Rot alone in your closed world
Let me live in peace

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