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Alcoholic Trendkill

Fuck This World

Alcoholic Trendkill

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I can stay close to you
And I could prepare your die slowly
I can yet dig your pit
But I'm your best friend

The vengeance it's never sudden
You only need to remember
Your life is a simple thing
Just for take it for me

I feel this world smells like at shit
I see the anger in the air
Inspired one more time hate

Come with me, take my hand
Don't live in fuel of Humanity
This world is a simple shit
Just for fuck it

It's late before you see your rotten guts
Or this world is not a shit for you?
Than Welcome to Hell

Drink more and seek the truth
I'll wait for you in no men's land
Before I fuck this world

My drunk eyes see worse things
Violence, pain and bastards
Walking on asleep blood

I see into your eyes
I see dead people
I see into your eyes
The end of the days

I hate to live here
And I hate hypocrisy
This world is a simple shit
Just for fuck it

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