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Alcoholic Trendkill

The Prophecy

Alcoholic Trendkill

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The world is ending
Why didn't you go to church to pray?
Hope once again
That you useless
Hypocrisy will save you
Did you already?
Think about what
You've done today
Who many people
Did you hurt?
Do you find this correct?
Tell me why

I say to you
That is more important
To believe in God than go to pray
At church, it will be your salvation

Actually you shall think
That I'm a prophet
And I have to cease talk shit
Fuck you!!!

Say to me imbecile
Why don't you make God stand pray?
Why do you believe in salvation?
If you're condemned like every one
I don't like you
And nothing the other
My way of exploding is here
In the music, cause I say the truth
And release my anger

Say to me please
Why do you believe in your salvation?
Listen to me please
You should drink or die
Because you're living in hell

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