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Something Inside My Head


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[Verse 1]
They wonder why the caged bird sings
But even worse a pain
Is the bird with lead wings
It's like I'm on my own town
But can't speak the language
Crowded to the point of suffocation
Still feel stranded
What bandage could heal scars invisible
Existing is easy it's living that is difficult
It's like a ritual
I get close to believing
Then I put a fortress up to close in my feelings
Dreaming, so close to achieving
Then I throw it all away
Cos I'm scared to receive it
Living every day in my shadow
I find my resolve
When the cold night swallows that shadow
I travel through the landscape
Searching for why
But the question follows everywhere I go
Like the sky
You don't understand my soul
Well neither do I

It's just something inside my head
Won't set me free
Won't let me be
It's just something inside my head
Comin in between you and me
It's just something inside my head

[Verse 2]
I wasn't born this way
My condition was learned
Once bitten twice shy I don't wanna be burned
When you travel a passage
That leaves your heart ravaged
Your mind waxes placid to limit the damage
Your reaction is passive
Whether you like it or not
You cannot win whether you fight it or not
Your brain swallows the pain and buries it instead

It's just something that guides my
Something that drives my
Something inside my head

[Verse 3]
I offend myself then avenge myself
And pretend it helps to defend myself
I believe myself then deceive myself
To retrieve myself I don't need my help
Whether the brave myself or slave myself
It's strange every day I'm not the same myself
I love myself then I hate myself

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