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Death (The End Of All Pain)


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Every simple thing have its importance
Every little action have its value
But only in the critical hour
You'll understand it when won't have more chance

In life , we might be fit to overcome
All the difficulties to make every dream come true
But the obstacles on its way
Won't be so easy for you

Chorus :

I see the end,is near
Where we must go there's no more fear
No more war and tears, when the pain is over
The blood,flesh and bones
Disease and hate are dead and gone
Coming back to home
When the life is over

If we think that don't get to be a better human
We might be before it's too late
Trying and trying again and again
Fighting to change our wretched fate

Living and learning-acting wisely or failing
Every moment in life have its objective
To make us know the good and evil
Realize about it and make your choice.

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