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They're All Dead


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Your world is so unreal
Buried in futility
The truth is out there
Is in your face,can't you see?

Making the brain more and more to become atrophied
Stop the madness and think for a moment
See the truth or surely every thoughts will die

Religion is other way of manipulation
Brain wash every time
Eating away the weak minds
Taking advantage of the human depression

Open your eyes and minds
For the evil that raze and destroy the freedom
Face all the fears
And do the right thing for you and your sons

But if every words that I say
It doesn't matter to you
Each one will become true
And finally I will say

They're all dead (3x)

Standing in the shadows
The truth appears
But just those who think will see
And your souls finally will be free


The people are dominated by inertia!!
The people are blinded by the media!!

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