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Chicken Song


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Chicken's good for the body
Chicken's good for the mind
Chicken's good for the funny bone
Chicken's easy on the eyes
Here we go

Yum-Yum chicken bone
Bock Bock Chicken
Yum-Yum chicken bone
Tell all your friends

Granola bar - nice and chewy
Granola bar - my best friend
Granola bar - how I love you
Granola bars don't beat the kids

Yum-Yum granola bar
Yum-Yum granola bar
Tell all your friends

Chicken and granola bars make a nice meal
Especially when you're all alone
It's something to eat when your wife's in the shelter
Because she ran into the door
One Two Three

Yum-Yum granola bone
Bock Bock chewy
Yum-Yum granola bone
Tell all your friends

Tell all your friends.

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