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Screaming in Silence


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I can see into your calloused heart
Why wont you let me in
You will never know the limits of my love
The holes never left my hands

I need you to know
Im screaming in silence
Knowing I wont hold you close
I watch as your ashes fade, dissipate
Along with the world
I wont let you go
Wandering in darkness
I died to bring you hope
I need you to know that you mean more to me than this world

I can see my words piercing your lungs
Why wont you breathe me in
I never left
My words go deep within
In me your life begins

More than the air you breathe
More than an angels wings
I see that heart on your sleeve
Why wont you meet me in the flame
My love is all you need
This world will end with me
My whispers cant be silenced
At your door, I will wait

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