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Bleeding Heart


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I dreamed of a love that knew no wrong
I thought of a life that I could call my own
In the silence, I heard the screams
Piercing my ears
Overwhelming my dreams

I thought of a life that brought me to peace
I heard you speak
I dropped to my knees
Love isnt knowing where youre going
The life you seek is in your hands

Theres nothing like this romance
For tonight youre all I have
When my world comes crashing down

It was your love that took me in a flame
Consumed the air I breathe
You are the only one that stops the bleeding
It was your love that lost itself in me
Shined for all to see
You are the only one that can stop the bleeding in me

I thought about your lightest touch that changed the world so none would thirst
But in the darkness I felt the weight of a hate so deep it took my breath away
I dreamed of a rose that shed no thorns
But when I awoke my life was torn
But in the midst of all this pain
I feel your grace falling down like rain

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