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The End Of The Line


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Daylight fades when the morning sun is here again
Today is just like another yesterday
To forget and fulfill like the light in your eyes
Deep in your eyes
Forgotten words end everything i once knew
Forgotten words engrave my torn soul
Pain never seems to end... bleeding for my misdeeds
I would die for you... now i will die on my own
My eternal sleep will help my soul rest in peace
Is this the end of the line?
Is this the end of my time to cry?
Is this the end of the love i had inside?
It's time to say goodbye
The mirror always tells the truth
Remove the mask that hides reality
Showing the lies you hide behind the coldest smile
Smiling... but rotten inside
Burning thoughts arise
The mirror of truth will remove
The mask of lies you told
Showing through the last of you grins
Without remorse the truth unfolds
To unveil the deceit of you soul

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