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The Last Sun


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Rain falls… rain like tears falling down my cheeks
They drag me to an endless sea… staring through dusk I know so well

Under seven star we'll came together in deepest silence
Silence is more silent now… when rain falls

Silver fills my eyes with eternity
I will suffer in your endless seas eternally
Slave of an angel in disguise
Damnation is a burning darkness in my heart.

"…Heaven still burn under my skin as I kiss her lips
She dressed in silver surrounded by mist…"

The last sun will die when I'll taste her bloody kiss
Drops of silence fall in a crimpson poll so warm and so deep
The last sun will die.

"… She's the wind that makes fly my wings
She is a spider weaving my once lost dreams…"

Dreams like rivers dragging me to your endless seas
Slave of days and nights in deepest silence
My last sun will die like that rose withered in your throne made os stone
My last sun will die.

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