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When her eyes touch less of me the feeling is more than I can take.
As time goes by the feeling is more touched and the less of me is seen,
the feeling is more touched than raped.
Shattered brown eyes that are as red as summer's night bare witness
to when lust falls from sight.
For lost love that lies under my eyes.
Her skin tainted with her wretched filth.
Letters of despair laced with your roses of lies.
Weave through my sickness let blood flow through your veins.
All hopes or triumph lost. How can I forgive or forget, I shall not.
A scapegoat for agony, a stranger that caught you off guard.
When I see him it shall be the same way.
His sweat shall be blood and his lust my hate.
Now you reach out your hand in hopes of return.
I'd rather see your insides split and your corpse fucking burned.
You pray on her weakness for your advantage, you fake.
I'll tear out my own heart before I forgive your mistake.
Your true lie, your true self. How can I forgive or forget, I shall not.
My wish is my vengeance and before you reach your darkness you will find my face.
And when this letter finds you remember me you sorry fucking disgrace.

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