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We pour salt into your wounds, feeble hands stained blood read.
You brought it one step further, I witness several life lines lying dead.
All else crumbles, bruised and broken at my feet.
Self-inflicted pity has found its home in you.
My decision of death to you slowly approaches.
I have my wish, blood stains these feeble hands, yield to my love.
Abandon all hope those born here to be called your fucking son.
She sighs the overrated quote "I love you".
Witness a man evolve from a temple of love to a burnt down monument.
My complacency towards you grows fonder each and every day.
This heart stops beating in pity for you.
You brought this upon yourself, so pay your consequence.
Laughter shrieks, mothers weep, as I sit here and wait (for my wish).
Drip out of your wounds, leave open a scar.
We poured salt into your wounds, feeble hands stained blood red.

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