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Abomino Aetas

Sower of Death

Abomino Aetas

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When Mercury rises of the mighty icecold
Mountains of the winterlands!

When Veles conquers Perun with the great
Lance of Longinus!

Agním íe puróhitam
Yajñásya devám tvíjam
Hótàram ratnadhâtamam

Bears witness to the rise of Shiva
as the days grow no longer
and the darkness sweeps
Over the tombs of earth!

Is revealed this
The prophecy psychopompos!

When Michael raped Saint Peter!
Manannán mac Lir arises from the waters!
Anubis guards no longer!
Charon builds his colossal bridge!
The Essence of Shinigami flows through

Complete and utter annihilation
the suicide of all!
And thus it creates itself!
Forever stopping itself!

Azrael, Malak al-Maut
Fusion with the sephirah of Malknut
with Metatron!
Bear down on the hopeless ones
that are blessed with oblivion!

With beauty, aestethical grace
He ends all metaphysical equations
and divides, the old man
Rapes himself in the womb!

The tomb of existence
The cosmic seed opens
and the Chamber of Guf

Ezra'eil, where all insects of this world die
Under god's wrath!

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