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Abomino Aetas

Black Hole

Abomino Aetas

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To absorb the life out of every spark of light
Extinguish the realm, in which divinity roams
Hostility is breeding in the falling stars above
Drain the life from the noble man!

Pity creations
Through thought limitations
Glimmer if death to feed the balagan
Unenlightenment reforms!

The credulous beings
Dancing in joy and singing for happiness
So silly, so wasted
For what lies ahead? Is it not a rip in heaven?
A wound from which poison runs
A wound from which the Black Hole escaped

Descending to man
Black Sun of the world
Shadows, shadows everywhere
Evasion impossible! Exodus ignored!
A Black Hole, not planned for the evil ones
Everything but nefariousness is lost!
A hint from the sky
Dead hole in the high
Feasting on, the guilt of the prayers

It is blackness
Sudden Death - Ending lives

Feeling drawn towards demise
As limited thoughts of god appears
And as you float inside the hole
You know those lies were once foretold

Assume cineres domus sacrae
Vacuum glorificatum
Concidor vitae
Bellator humanitatis
Abyssus Nigra
Damnatio sanctitatis

Tempus fuit, saeculis ante
Cum nubes mortis
Foramina coeli - tt omnia subter - tenuerunt

Umbra cross the sky!
Dark clouds soar
It sunk the world, and all of it's followers
Time for the shadows to debouch

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