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Abby Normal

Sundown In Zombie Town

Abby Normal

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Your lost for miles near the western sky,
And the sun is going down
The buzzards and the vultures are the only life around
And out from the cold and dusty site
There comes a frightening sound
You know you don't stand a chance
When it's sun down in zombie town

The creatures start to stir and grown
Like a dead west horror tale
Fear engulfs you to the bone
Like Frankenstein from hell
And the devil is knocking down your door
As you stumble to the ground
You know you will not escape
When it's sun down in zombie town

Shoot em' high and cut em' low
Gouge there eyes the blood will flow
This is the end of the life you know

Your reaching for your six-shooter
From the holster that you've worn
They're creeping closer quicker now
Cause your blood will keep them warm
And everything seems hopeless
As you fire another round
You know you will not escape
When it's sun down in zombie town
Oh no you will not survive
Sundown in zombie town

Your one last stand ...God rest your soul

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