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Abby Normal

I'm Outta Here

Abby Normal

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She hates me and all my friends
With Love and war and battle plans
I'm down for the count from her high heel shoe
One, two, three, aint enough for you
I tip-toe to the fridge for a late night snack
Eggs shells aren't the only thing about to crack
It's 2 am on her coo-coo clock
Three, two, one goes her bomb tick tock

Say so long I've had enough that feeling's gone
I'm Outta here
Say so long I've had enough the feeling's gone
I'm Outta here

Get off my phone, leave me alone
You may think your right
But your always wrong

Spend all my money and ate all my food
And why do we only do it when you're in the mood
There's paint in my soup, poison in my coffee
What's yours is hers the lawyer told me
What does she want, What does she need
Her anger is creature that's about to feed
There's a ball and a chain attached to my leg
I'm gonna end it now with this powder keg (BOOM!)

So this is it your love song
So much better now, that I'm gone

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