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Abaddon (Chl)

Morbid Hell

Abaddon (Chl)

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Prepared the altars in order to the rite
the immolation will be blessed human flesh
drinking blood, they wait for the beginning
from the sabbath in the obscurity, die!!

(Lead: Miguel)

The orgy at ritual give start
deliving a new son of satan
who will give power
on his infernal possession

Morbidity in the hell
in the night of immolation
heathen devotions
total... perversity!!

Full of rotten vacum
from his believe irreverent
living dead
at edge of abyss

(Lead: Miguel)
(Lead: Emilio)

Morbidity in the hell of your possession
troops of saints, slaves and chastes
in your orgy will exterminate
empty power of you damned faith

For price of the badness

Sacrifices in the irreverent altar
abominable unholy rite and damned
sodomy and masochism
in the immortal rite
Your pagan party finished in pain
and your soul is condemned in the flames
dreaming this morbid hell
you search the escape from death

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