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Abaddon (Chl)

Keeper Of The Gates

Abaddon (Chl)

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Crossing the gate and appear before us
mistaken us with the illusion
the follow forward without feel sorrow
and offer us eternal hope

To can cross, our way
show, us the keys but no reveal
the forms to use, in our walk
in the search of life

We are slaves of his figure
my heards have present his voice
my eyes feel the splendor of the keys
am I our minds are interrumpted and blinded

Keeper of the gates
unfold a trap walling for blind us
and forget our way
a perfect dream to go way
crossing a sea of difuncts
they can't defeat you

Stood in your sanctuary
keep us in front of a boss
who is full of blood
judge and question us

If we enjoy cross the gate
but for you are a trally follower
on the justice and the truth

The sentence of keeper liberated us
because we still fight for our way...

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