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A Sickness Unto Death

Rain Of Shards

A Sickness Unto Death

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The strain has come at last
Revealed in water so pure
With every drop like razors
The burden will dissolve

In awe I stand
The air I drink
Vanguards of clouds
Caressing the ground

Though indifference I seek
Hatred is charming me
To taste damnation's kiss this night
To soar over pain and affliction
And the long lost silence within my mind

In the water's surge I await the dawn
If tomorrow is lost, let this be the day
To feel the ecstasy once again
I cast my face towards the rain

Court to the flame
Spoil to the grain
Vanguards of clouds
Caressing the ground

Evaporated memories rewind
Dashing on the ground as to remind
What yesterday forgot, tomorrow will recall
Once and for all

As the sense of reality fades away
My soul becomes one with the rain
Its shards grazing me like
Solemn hatred washing me free from memories

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