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A Sickness Unto Death

Ghost Light Dawn

A Sickness Unto Death

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The loom gales of eternity
Like fallen angels guiding me
In absence of humanity
Returning to its purity

Crushed by the waves of density
The effort of humanity
The air conceives a breathing fear
The only sound I hear in this serenity

Salvation is in sight
Desolation is in sight
Radiation is in sight
The trees are glowing red this night

What anguish to drown
In this reckless poison
That spares our lungs from water
But scourges is its death in our eyes

I am the night to remember
(You pay a life to forget)
I am the tree of knowledge
I am grief, the salt in the tears you shed

Gone is the scourge divine
Hail the monster we created
Radiation crowned humanity
Reward us death by Karachay

How they wish they could end what they began
What with bloody hands they planned
This earth fulfils until the end

Behold these clouds are shaped with evil grin
Because we all did share their sin
And their conspiricy within

I am the saviour enchanted
The poisoned gold your hands will grasp
I am curruption on the formless void
For all that man creates will be destroyed

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