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A Chorus Of Disapproval


A Chorus Of Disapproval

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You say that straight-edge is just a passing phase
I say no sell-out. Loyal to the grave
You say to moderate. It's either all or none
I live for the truth. Not artificial fun

Do we just disagree or is this war?
I see it one way and you see the door
The spirt of vengeance, it cannot be bought
You say what you've got to say - then take a walk

You say! "Aw relax, man" don't get so uptight
But you wind me up - tempt me to fight
I'm a needle in a haystack, forth leaf of the clover
Don't let me fall through the cracks, man, or it's over

Im not laughing, this is not a joke
I give you more chances than one, you just choked
Am I ignorant or just fed up?
Sometimes I criticize, so i must be both

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