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I have seen a world,near at this one (but)
we can't reach this dream, we can't possess the wings
it's only an illusion, a better life
open your blind mind, the stars fallin' down (now)

I am fallin on me
take my wings take my sacrifice
I have lose my mind
I am fallin

Can you hear me?
I'm fallin'....(down)


This is a story, a little fable (but)
every story has a true heart
A real world, I feel these stars
this is a lesson for all the "fallin" people
we have a true heart, we have a real dream

I am fallin in my way
fallin in my deep
I am nothing now, why am...?

Isn't my sorrow
my last dream on heart
is only a lie
come true

This is my life
all my hope is inside
I see a world
better than this

This is my rage
is my fallin control

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