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Ultra Violent

Cold Mind

Ultra Violent

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Once again i'm about to go insane
I know i'm turning to you, nothing
Is colder than it should be
I still have a few days to live

Where i'mgoing. i can not control
I 'd love to be born again, and change things
Ooooh i want to disappear.

Can not exist
Can not feel anything
That the world brings me for i am weak

I've tried a lot
I tried to hold me
But i always keep me

I won't tell you
I will not heal
I swear it will be fast
Turn around and go away.

I see the sky
It looks like rain
This side all survive
But i hope to die by chance

It may be the last time you
Will hear my voice in your mind.
To be honest, i hope it's good for your life

I'm leaving now, taking the path anywhere
Find me with my own desire.
Sorrow in not having given time

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