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Uli Jon Roth

Electric Sun

Uli Jon Roth

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Sunchild, from Japanese gardens
Here are my new songs
They're all done for you.
Sunchild, from African seashores
Here is my message
I'll sing it to you.
Rainchild, from cold, misty islands
Well, here comes an old land
But it's made of fresh sand
Oh, I was so sad - I thought I would yo mad
Yet now I am free and I'm gonna take you
Into the fire of the Electric Sun...
Sunchild, from Mexican deserts
What do you believe in?
You should start conceivin'!
Sunchild, from Sicilian gardens
Where do you come from,
from Earth or from Heavens?
Snowchild, from South California
Stop freezin'your brains now.
Start searchin' for new aims!
Snowchild, from long Arctic winters
Where do you belong to?
There is only one Truth!
Repeat chorus
Moonchild, from eastern World countries
Beware the false sunrise
Who turns out to be wise!
Moonchild from wild eastern landscapes
don't follow the wrong sun
There is only one son!
Peacechild, from nothing but love
Don't Iet yourself down, now
We still have to starve.
Starchild, from paradise gardens
You'll be our leader
All through the night!
Oh, we'll be so sad - and think
we're gonna go mad
but the we'll be free
forever again will be free...

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