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Udo Dirkschneider

Streets on Fire

Udo Dirkschneider

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Standin' in the night, I don't know just somewhere
And I'm feeling cold inside about what I see
Give 'em all guns, there's nothin' left- for losers
Time is running out so secretly

This ain't no paradise
The nightmare's on it's way
Insanity appears- in their eyes

Streets on fire- ready or not
Will the goodtimes return- no way!
Streets on fire- ready or not
Will we ever learn- no way!

Echoing sounds of thunder make me shiver
Battlefields turn to wasteland- no one wins
The ghost of terror creeping, through the cities
And someone says it's a holy war

This ain't no paradise...

Streets on fire- ready or not...


Humans will always fight
The same shit everywhere
East or west, the same desires
Will always haunt the earth


Streets on fire- ready or not...

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